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Hello Followers!

Hello My Lovely Followers! First real time I’ve communicated like this in a long while. 

Any who getting straight to the point, I will be going on a hiatus for… well a while :/   not too sure how long but for a while since rl has recently started to get kinda hectic and I just need a break from pretty much everything. I want to get things sorted out here on my end and hopefully once I’m back Ill be more interactive with wonderful followers! :D

You can still send me message if you want or you can send them to the link below (again sorry for the rambling)

But if you want you can come talk with me on twitter since I’m on that a majority of the time all day everyday (ipod: always on that damn wonderful thing) so if you want you can find me here —- > roma_nee 

I will be back here on tumblr! I just need to get things together and dealt with! Well Imma go cause now I’m just rambling even more Soooo Ill see you all when I get back! Thank you anyone who actually read this nonsense that is me 

Hugs & Kisses (if thats not your thing then *high fives*) Stay Awesome! 



This is one good looking cup of Oreo Joe courtesy of Handsome Coffee.

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Now You Know tumblr plans to force integration with Facebook in 2015. Your Facebook friends will be able to view everything you like or reblog. (Source)



Haha, look at the source this is hilarious. On what do we bet that this was an April Fool?


Adekan - Shiro Yoshiwara

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is pushing people away considered a special talent because i think i’m really good at it 


happy birthday, you precious, brave warrior of the sea!!!!
the crew’s not the same as 8000 men, but u can b captain for the day ♥

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Ah never thought of it that way but it does explain a lot in my personality hehe ^^”’ 

Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send it to 10 of your fav followers, not back to me, I did it already! Thinking good thoughts about yourself is hard but it will make you feel better so give it a go! (:

5 nice things… okay here here we go

1. I like to consider myself a good friend, you can (my best friend does at least) literally vent to me you whole life story and I’ll try my best to listen to every detail so I can try and help you in some kind of way.

2. I over think everything (kinda like how I am now - _ -) but it usually works out in the end be it good or bad then good later on? if that makes sense (not sure if thats a nice thing about myself but it makes me who i am)  

3. I always try to avoid conflict. If its unnecessary then why bother with it (my opinion) and make things more stressful for yourself 

4. Be it good or bad I usually put others before me I like to see people I care about happy.

5. and last but not least…. I like my eyes :3

Bla that was hard and I still see it as more random facts than nice things but oh well!


*points at fully grown video game character* my child




You think tumblr pro is just an April fools prank but this photo says the opposite.

i hate this website


Experts told this artist her dream was impossible. It’s a good thing she didn’t listen.

What are friends for.